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Fees do Not Include Sales Tax.
Fees indicated exclude sales/use tax (if any) which will be billed separately based upon applicable law.
Alternative service offerings and related fees are available here: https://www.netisen.com/pricing
In order to utilize the offerings of NETISEN LLC, you must make a valid selection of a specific service offering at the linked page, including provision for payment of applicable charges.
Customer Warranty and Indemnity.
Your selection of any of these options is your warranty to comply with all laws and regulations, including without limitation, those governing telephone, text and e-mail communications with consumers such as but not limited to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and all related guidance of the Federal Communications Commission, tracking of their internet use and securing information which they provide as well as all laws governing ownership and use of intellectual property. In furtherance of the foregoing, your posted privacy policies and terms of use shall at all times accurately reflect your practices. In addition to the foregoing, you shall also comply with the terms of all relevant private agreements to which you are, directly or indirectly, a party, including without limitation, any applicable franchise or similar agreements. You shall indemnify Netisen LLC for any claim associated with any of your dealings with consumers or franchisors.
Fees Payable via Credit Card Charge.
When you elect a service offering at the above link, you will be required to make payment with a valid credit card, the information pertaining to which shall be processed by a third party vendor. NETISEN LLC assumes no liability for the handling of such data by such third party.
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No Reuse.
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Authorization Required.
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No Inappropriate Material.
No material is to be included on the website or in the Application if it is obscene, abusive, false, violent or defamatory and NETSIEN LLC maintains sole discretion to remove, without notice, any material which it deems to be inappropriate for any reason. It is anticipated that the site and Application will be moderated.
No Warranties.
NESTISEN LLC does not warrant any content, analysis or products which appear on the website or through use of the application and users acquire no rights with respect to NESTISEN LLC . Functionality described on this website and in promotional materials is for general information only and NETISEN LLC makes no assurance that it will be available in final versions or interoperable with any particular platform or environment or as to the accuracy or value of any analytical methods provided by us.
Risk of Security Breaches.
While NETISEN LLC believe and intend that their information security practices reflect good practice, and that the same is true of their vendors there is no such thing as perfect information security. As such, users assume the risk of security breaches involving NESTISEN LLC , their affiliated persons and entities and any third party vendors utilized by it, including without limitation third party credit card processors with which information is shared, and all consequences resulting from them. In furtherance of the foregoing, users must safeguard their credentials.
No Use by Children.
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Notice of Infringement, Etc.
Anyone believing that any material on the website or in the application is infringing their copyright interest or otherwise violating any of their rights should provide written notice to NESTISEN LLC describing in detail the basis for their concern and their legal interest in the material at issue as follows:______ Upon receipt of such notice, NESTISEN LLC will investigate and remove material if necessary. You will be notified of the results of such investigation.
NESTISEN LLC may modify these Terms of Use or modify/discontinue the website or application at any time for any reason.
Choice of Law; No Class Actions.
Irrespective of the situs of any user, these Terms of Use shall be governed by IL law and any dispute arising hereunder or relating hereto shall be resolved only by arbitration in Chicago, IL. No class action may be pursued or maintained with respect to any dispute regarding these Terms of Use or the related Privacy Policy or any aspect of use of this site or mobile application.