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with netisen Review and Referral Marketing.

Product Features

Collect Feedback and Manage

Learn about customer experiences in-store and online and prevent venting on third party sites. Learn More..

Referral Marketing

netisen referral marketing enables your customers to share their positive experiences with the touch of a button! Learn More..

Online Reputation Management

Unlock new customer acquisition and revenue for your business while protecting your online reputation with netisen's review marketing platform. Learn More..

Multi-site Online Review Monitoring

Monitor reviews across multiple sites like Facebook, Google, Foursquare etc. Learn More..

Instant Review Alerts

Receive instant review alerts via Email and SMS.

Increase Loyalty Through Rewards

Offer incentives for submitting feedback and encourage customer retention. Learn More..

Location Insights

Real time information on events happening around you. Insights on how people search for you. Learn More..

Benchmark Against Competitors

See how you compare to the local competition. Learn More..

Social Intelligence

Overall ratings for online reviews doesn't tell the complete story. Dig deep into the reviews using our Natural Language Processing algorithms. Read each line and between the lines for every review. Learn More..

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Utilize powerful real time analytics to stay on top of your brand and customer satisfaction ratings. Learn More..

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